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Boy in Doorway

A Space of Your Own

I create an environment that is safe, warm, and open to exploration. With curiosity, I help you work toward understanding core values, wounds, and patterns of conflict that cause confusion in daily life. Through our relationship, we learn about, challenge, and enhance your style of emotional expression. I use dreams to help explore attitudes that are unconscious to the waking self, and often more creative. 

The process of psychotherapy requires a profound commitment, and can offer as much in rewards, as learning and growth come from unexpected places within you. Together, we explore, understand, and unburden your mind, making it freer for genuine self-reflection, and expression in your world. 


Bridge into the Woods

Finding Balance

A psychedelic renaissance is underway, as research studies across the globe continue to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of tools novel as they are ancient, for healing and growth in the context of psychotherapy. This work has shown that change often comes as much through direct experience as it does through rational understanding. 

In my practice, I currently work with Ketamine to treat a variety of conditions, including treatment-resistant depression, suicidal rumination, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, chronic pain, and anxiety. I collaborate with a psychiatrist who provides medical assessment before this option can be explored.

I also provide consultation and supervision for psychedelic psychotherapists and researchers, as well as integration support for those who have recently had difficult or emergent experiences. 

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